Pervious Concrete

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Project Overview

Challenge: Water drainage in common foot traffic areas, environmental runoff concerns near shower house

Solution: Supply Pervious Concrete for drainage in topographically challenging areas, contain and force runoff to percolate through soil to reduce environmental runoff concerns.

And you thought concrete was made to be tough and impenetrable...well, it is!

A type of concrete that's actually designed to be porous has the State of Michigan and others taking note as they seek ways to save land, dollars, and the environment.

Pervious concrete lets the "river run through it," so to speak, so that rainwater returns to, and replenishes groundwater, instead of creating puddles and stormwater runoff, an environmental liability.

In pervious concrete, carefully controlled amounts of water and cementitious materials are used to create a paste that forms a thick coating around aggregate particles. A p... Read more

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Project Details

Otsego Lake State Campground, Gaylord, MI

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