Water & Sewer Improvement

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Sometimes our job is like that of old world explorers…When going underground, you just never know what unknown adventures await.

Team Elmer’s might encounter unforeseen obstacles when completing a project, but we never get bogged down. Such was the case in East Jordan, where we broke up the soil – and the project into two parts.

The City of East Jordan, in conjunction with their engineer C2AE, managed a Rural Development project in two different locations in town. The project included underground utilities and street rehabilitation—specifically a new gravity sanitary sewer, a lift station, new force main, new water main, paving, and sidewalk.

Phew, the city was definitely ready for an upgrade! Believe it or not, logs had been laid across the road by the original “explorers” more than 70 years ago as a foundation to float the road construction through the swamp. The old road was then built up from this foundation.

For the reconstruction project, existing utility poles, peat, morrow swamp areas and heavy groundwater made performing our services difficult to say the least, but extensive use of dewatering equipment and building the project in phases made the tasks more manageable.

The first phase had an eight-week accelerated timeline due to MDOT work scheduled for the same corridor. The work for this phase consisted of approximately 4,500 linear feet of new sanitary sewer, 4,500 linear feet of new water main and services, and 4,000 linear feet of directional drilled force-main.

The second phase consisted of a new water main, and excavation and installation of a 87-by-67-inch culvert approximately 20 ft deep. The last phase consisted of water, sanitary and storm sewer.

Another successful exploration for the Team Elmer’s books!

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