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Ashmun Street

It was mid-summer 2015 when Team Elmer's headed up to Sault Ste. Marie
to undertake the reconstruction of the city's Ashmun Street. The Michigan Department of Transportation, thanks to a grant from the Federal Highway Administration's Transportation Alternatives Program, had the budget to complete the full project. As a result, the project morphed from a simple repave into a full reconstruction, involving 0.27 miles of hot mix asphalt, concrete curb and gutter work, sidewalks, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, and lighting. 

Benton Harbor

Imagine drawing a perfect circle. Now picture yourself doing so in the dark...and you’re holding your pencil with your toes. Sounds tough, right? A recent Team Elmer’s earth retention project was just as tough.
The City of Benton Harbor was updating its water filtration plant to boost water processing from 10 million gallons per day to 12 million per day.

Boardman Lake Clean Up

There are environmental cleanups…and then there are environmental cleanups. To address historic impacts to sediments that resulted from the migration of groundwater contamination to Boardman Lake in the late 1970s, a large remediation effort was performed.

Boathouse Made Stable

The boathouse needed approximately three feet of water so the boat could be pulled in and out. To accomplish this, a silt containment fence was placed in the lake and a berm was excavated to hold back the water. The building’s footings are five feet below the water table, but throughout the project an eight inch pump ran continuously to keep the water level under two feet in depth to allow the work to be completed.

Brown Bridge Quiet Area

For 90 years, the Brown Bridge Quiet Area was the home of Brown Bridge Pond, which was formed when the Boardman River was dammed at a nearby spot. In 2012, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and several partner agencies, decided to remove Brown Bridge Dam, the first of three dams located within 20 miles of the mouth of the Boardman River. 

Butch's Tackle Remediation

As part of a complete soil remediation project, Team Elmer's removed more than 15,000 tons of contaminated dirt from Butch's Tackle and Marina in Bellaire. Releases from an underground fuel storage tank contaminated soils and groundwater near the outlet of the Clam River into Torch Lake.

Cass Road Bridge

For years, residents of Traverse City have awaited the replacement of the Cass Road Bridge. The bridge is one of the only ways to get to the other side of the Boardman River in that part of town, but it is also far from convenient. A one-way road over a dam, the existing bridge can create bottlenecks or queues of cars depending on the time of day. 

Charlevoix Bike Path

Team Elmer’s completed 3.24 miles of the Boyne City to Charlevoix Trail, which is a proposed new linear park intended for non-motorized recreational activities and non-motorized transportation between Boyne City and Charlevoix.

Cherry Capital Airport

The East-West Runway 10/28 at Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan dates back to a time when airports across the country were building shorter runways. At 6,500 feet, it was a bit too short for large commercial jets to take off with full capacity flights. The problem was especially pressing in the summertime, thanks to the heat and density of the air. After decades of planning, Cherry Capital Airport had to decide on a solution. In order for runway 10/28 to provide enough length for capacity jets to take off in the heat of summer, it needed to be over 7,000 feet long.


Chum's Corners Reconstruction

The truth about concrete and asphalt – they usually don’t work well together. Enter the US-31 Highway reconstruction at Chum’s Corners, which decided to use both methods to solve the increasing amount of traffic funneled through that intersection.

City of Manistee: Sprayroq

The City of Manistee discovered two sinkholes occuring along the edge of railroad tracks on the south side of the city. The cause was determined to be a 52-inch collapsing double-walled brick storm sewer-installed in the early 1990s - that ran along the tracks and discharged into the Manistee River. 

Clinch Park Marina

In 2016, the City of Traverse City had to find the right company to repair the problems to the splash pad, break wall and kayak launch to maintain public safety. Team Elmer's was the low bid on the City of Traverse City re-engineered work.

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