8th Street Reconstruction

finished road construction

Project Overview

Challenge: Replace underground utilities in major traffic corridor with changes to scope of work with compressed timeline.

Solution: Coordinate utilities, municipalities, and property owners to maintain schedule and trouble shoot change in conditions while opening road to traffic ahead of schedule.

Potholes so big they would swallow your car was the joke when traveling 8th Street, a main east-west corridor through Traverse City, Michigan’s North Boardman Lake District near downtown. Several traffic studies and visioning sessions were held for the public to imagine what the redesigned 3 block critical corridor should look like once reconstructed.

In addition to the complete street reconstruction of the corridor, the state of Michigan had mandated municipalities to replace galvanized water line connections that may leach lead if the water is not properly treated. Coordinating this work while the complete street r... Read more

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Project Details

City of Traverse City; Timothy Lodge
Traverse City, MI
Gourdie Fraser - Brian Boals


Home Office:

231.943.8975  Fax

P.O. Box 6150
3600 Rennie School Rd.
Traverse City, MI   49685