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Pine & State Street Reconstruction

At the end of the summer, Team Elmer’s began a long and complex project on Pine and State Streets in Traverse City, Michigan. We were tasked with an almost complete replacement and overhaul of the sewer, water, and storm utilities throughout two blocks of downtown Traverse City. Pine and State Streets utilities needed nuanced attention, and all work needed to be completed with minimal disruption to the city’s thriving downtown business scene.

Pine Street Pedestrian Bridge

As Traverse City’s downtown area has expanded and segmented into separate “districts,” the area has become more vibrant and bustling than ever before. The increasing use of the area has also left some districts feeling separate from the rest of the downtown area—an issue that low bid Team Elmer’s was contracted to help solve with a recent project.

Region of Peel, Canada: Sprayroq

Sometimes, persistence really does pay off. When Team Elmer’s contacted Insitueform-Detroit, a Michigan water utility company, they never expected that the phone call would turn into an award-winning project on the other side of the Canadian border. But after Insitueform-Canada contacted the Detroit branch in search of a manhole rehab contractor for their local sanitation systems, Detroit contacted Elmer’s, and the project was off to the races.

Resurfacing North Central State Trail

Since its opening in 2007, the North Central State Trail has allowed for scenic travels up Michigan’s northern lower peninsula. After the Michigan Department of Transportation supplied a $1.48 million federal Transportation Enhancement grant in 2006, and more than 40 local clubs, businesses, organizations and units of government offered match dollars, Team Elmer’s signed on to the task of resurfacing the trail with compacted crushed limestone.

Revitalizing Garland Street

With the gap between the Warehouse District and the rest of downtown successfully bridged—both literally and figuratively—Team Elmer's set to work on the next stage of Traverse City's revitalization plans. This time, we set up shop on Garland Street, a road slated for realignment and falling into disrepair; greatly impeding the Warehouse District's chances at growth and redevelopment.

Rolling on Pine River

At Team Elmer’s, we pride ourselves on our ability to overcome any obstacle we encounter. When we were tasked with getting 1,100 tons of 8-inch stone down a 70-foot vertical slope, we had to adapt to get the job done. Faced with the seemingly simple errand of digging up two feet of mud and soil and arranging fabric and rock from the top of the slope to the river’s edge, the topography quickly became treacherous.

Sara Lee Concrete Floor Replacement

Sara Lee, known for their pies and baked goods, has a bakery plant located in Traverse City. When the factory needed a new recipe for their floors, Team Elmer’s provided the main ingredients: floor cutting with fugitive dust control and ready mix concrete.

Silver Creek Trout Habitat

It’s not every day that a company has the privilege of establishing miles of new natural animal habitat. But thanks to a partnership between the Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA), Lake County Road Commission, Wade-Trim, and Team Elmer’s, hundreds of thousands of fish and other species now have miles of new tributaries and spawning habitat along the Silver Creek outside Cadillac.

Silver Drive at Grand Traverse Commons

When Team Elmer’s was contracted to work on the Silver Drive project – revamping a little-used road near the south end of the Grand Traverse Commons and connecting it to Silver Lake Road in order to generate a southern entrance to the Commons – we were prepared for a messy job. A wetland environment and a profusion of deep muck meant more attention to detail was critical for completing this complicated job.

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail: Phase I

Good Morning America viewers named Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore as the Most Beautiful Place in America. Thanks in part to Team Elmer’s, that pristine coastline will now have a handicap-accessible, family-friendly trail -- open to wheelchair bound nature enthusiasts, families with strollers, and novice bicycle riders averse to motorized traffic.

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail: Phase II

Two years ago, Team Elmer’s broke ground on one of the highest profile projects in our history, a 27-mile, non-motorized trail designed to wind along the widely renowned Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The project, which was funded in part by both the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Authority, was always going to be a massive undertaking. A marathon-length, paved trail that would allow bikers, joggers, hikers, and other non-motorized adventurers a spot to explore this beautiful environment in leisure, away from both sand and road.

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail: Phase III

A few years ago, the National Park Service began a mammoth undertaking, to construct a 27-mile non-motorized trail in Northern Michigan's famed Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Team Elmer’s submitted the low bid to construct the first three phases of the award winning trail, working with the Michigan Department of Transportation and Friends of the Sleeping Bear Dunes to complete the task.

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