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Michigan State University Library: Auger Cast Piles

The Main Library at Michigan State University serves as the center for the campus community’s knowledge base, on-campus-research, and quiet study. However, it houses many aging items that require temperature and humidity control for their preservation. This is accomplished using devices called steam absorption chillers, which create chilled water for the building's air-conditioning system.

Northport Marina: Emergency Dredging

It was the spring 2013, after several years of mild winters and dry summers, that the Village of Northport applied for a grant to dredge the local G. Marsten Dame Marina. The area hadn’t been dredged since the early 1990s, and local officials were concerned that if the trend of dipping water levels continued for another two or three years, it would render the marina unusable. 

Oleson's Food Store: Grading & Paving

Oleson’s Food Store, when building their grocery store on the corner of Three Mile and Hammond Road, got off to a late start with permitting delays. Still trying to meet an early spring opening, Team Elmer’s stepped up to the task, getting this project back on track.

Otsego Lake State Park: Pervious Concrete

And you thought concrete was made to be tough and impenetrable...well, it is! A type of concrete that's actually designed to be porous has the State of Michigan and others taking note as they seek ways to save land, dollars, and the environment.

Park Street Reconstruction

Thanks to the fortitude of the City of Traverse City to find funding, Team Elmer’s was called upon to help with the reconstruction of Park Street to upgrade the infrastructure to support a greater capacity.

Parking Lot D Reconstruction

After many long years of use, the City of Traverse City Parking Lot D and Boat Launch were in need of repairs. After several redesigns, City Engineer Tim Lodge and his staff were able to gain City commission support for the project. Team Elmer’s was selected as low bid contractor for the project. 

Petoskey Retaining Wall

In 2019, the Michigan Department of Transportation plans to reconstruct a stretch of US-31 near Petoskey. Part of the highway runs along the edge of a steep slope, and the area is plagued with erosion problems. The 2019 highway reconfiguration will move part of the roadway so that it isn’t situated right on the edge of a slope. However, until then, MDOT needed a temporary solution to prevent erosion and protect the well-traveled highway. Enter Team Elmer’s.

Pine & State Street Reconstruction

At the end of the summer, Team Elmer’s began a long and complex project on Pine and State Streets in Traverse City, Michigan. We were tasked with an almost complete replacement and overhaul of the sewer, water, and storm utilities throughout two blocks of downtown Traverse City. Pine and State Streets utilities needed nuanced attention, and all work needed to be completed with minimal disruption to the city’s thriving downtown business scene.

Pine Street Pedestrian Bridge

As Traverse City’s downtown area has expanded and segmented into separate “districts,” the area has become more vibrant and bustling than ever before. The increasing use of the area has also left some districts feeling separate from the rest of the downtown area—an issue that low bid Team Elmer’s was contracted to help solve with a recent project.

Region of Peel, Canada: Sprayroq

Sometimes, persistence really does pay off. When Team Elmer’s contacted Insitueform-Detroit, a Michigan water utility company, they never expected that the phone call would turn into an award-winning project on the other side of the Canadian border. But after Insitueform-Canada contacted the Detroit branch in search of a manhole rehab contractor for their local sanitation systems, Detroit contacted Elmer’s, and the project was off to the races.

Resurfacing North Central State Trail

Since its opening in 2007, the North Central State Trail has allowed for scenic travels up Michigan’s northern lower peninsula. After the Michigan Department of Transportation supplied a $1.48 million federal Transportation Enhancement grant in 2006, and more than 40 local clubs, businesses, organizations and units of government offered match dollars, Team Elmer’s signed on to the task of resurfacing the trail with compacted crushed limestone.

Revitalizing Garland Street

With the gap between the Warehouse District and the rest of downtown successfully bridged—both literally and figuratively—Team Elmer's set to work on the next stage of Traverse City's revitalization plans. This time, we set up shop on Garland Street, a road slated for realignment and falling into disrepair; greatly impeding the Warehouse District's chances at growth and redevelopment.

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