Thanks for the lift

Dear Sir:

This letter comes with sincere appreciation to your company.

On Thursday, July 13th we were on our way to take our daughter to the Traverse City Airport. About 5 miles north of Acme on M-31 my car's radiator hose broke. It happened while we were stopped for the road construction. After we pushed the car to the side of the road, I started to walk up to the flagman and before I got there one of your truck drivers, named Doug, stopped and asked what our problem was. He then proceeded to help get us a number for a wrecker as well as another important number through his dispatcher. He was able to help get our daughter April to the airport so she could try and make her flight home to Kentucky. While she missed her flight, we were still impressed that someone took time out of their day to help out strangers. Our world is a better place because of what two of your employees did for us.

Within 45 minutes we were on our way to Traverse City, via a tow truck. The car was fixed the next day and we were able to get April on a flight home on Friday. We then drove home to St. Johns.

We wanted to say "Thank You" to your employees and to your company for extending such kindnesses on such a hot day.

Cal E. Rohrback